Welcome to PRIN

Research is the building block for development. Our objective in PRIN is to bridge the gap between the academic researches and Industries through research transfer. At PRIN we assist in carrying out comprehensive and up to date research necessary for decision making and development. We train to improve technological know how and capability building. Also, we offer consultancy services on research and development to government, industries and tertiary institutions. You can contact us for your research work/ project.

Our Services

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Survey and Data Collection

we assist in Surveys and Nationwide Data Collections

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Training and Retraining

Training in All CAD, CAM, CAE Software

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Supply and Installation of Engineering Software

AutoDesk Inventor, AutoDesk HSM, AutoDesk AutoCAD, Matlab, Ansys, Orion and so on...

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Research Transfer

We help researchers connect to companies in need of their research work

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Assembling, Supply and Installation of 3D Printers and CNC Machines

We Assemble, Supply and Install 3D Printers and CNC Machines for Firms, Laboratories and Academic Instiutions

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Research writing, Testing and Analysis

We provide coaching and support for thesis writing, sample testing, data analysis and carrying out experiments for your research work

We Can Promote your Research Work

Upload your Abstract here Do you have a Research Paper that can solve an industrial problem? We can connect you with industries in need or your work.